Welcome to Cup of Sea Designs!

Cup of Sea Designs welcome post

Hey! I'm Julie. 

When I was little, I dreamed of being Julie Andrews when I grew up. I mean, my name (Julie Anne) was only one syllable away, so it had to mean something, right?

I wanted to do something that would bring joy to others. You know that feeling you get during the opening of The Sound of Music? Like little joy fairies are having a party in your tummy? I wanted to find a way to create that feeling for people. I find that I'm at my best when I'm being a helper- and creating original artwork and design is one major way I accomplish that.

I want my customers to smile each time they see my work- I want it to spark joy for them in a true and personal way. It's my job to make sure those joy fairies show up to the party. Whether that happens through a portrait of your furry frand, a smarmy mug, or a graphic print, I'm here to tell you: the party has arrived.